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Jill Boyd

First Grade Teacher - Jill Boyd

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Alva Senior High School – 1985 graduate


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Northwestern Oklahoma State University – 1989 graduate - Bachelors in Mass Communications / Public Relations

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Eastern New Mexico University – completed hours for an Educational degree

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First Graders are such a joy to spend the day with!  They are silly, always have a story to share whether it’s   make-believe or true!  They are quick to forgive!  Always loving!  And even arrive with a little bit of sass which is makes my day! 

This begins my 15th year at Canadian Elementary with a new set of  little friends each year, and I can’t imagine spending my days with anyone else!  I previously taught fifth grade for 12 years in another Texas Panhandle school.  I enjoyed their independence and personality differences. They could tie their shoes, wipe their noses, and for the most part go to the bathroom by themselves, but they didn’t have the innocence or forgivrness of the ones i share my days with now.

Moving down the path to first grade was a grand adjustment; I even cried the my first few months my first year here, but I’ve grown to love the littles!  The most rewarding time is when their “sponge”  brain clicks, and it all comes together making sense of what they’ve learned.  I absolutely love watching their small bodies absorb what they’ve learned and puts everything together! 

We actually have a partner class with whom we switch classes.  I teach Math where we count forward, backward, and skip count.  Learning to add or subtract numbers is an ongoing thing almost every day.  We learn tabout subitizing (different ways to make a numbe), tell time, work with place value, and illustrate tricks as to how to find the answer to some questions the easiest way possible.  Manipulatives play a huge role as hands on learning is extremely important! 

We also attack science and the amazing and investigating wonders it offers little ones! 

I share first grade classes with Nikki Prater.  She is my firend, inspiration, and co-teacher!  She does an phenominal job teaching Language Arts and social studies. 

My children call me Mama!  My little friende say I’m their Teacher, and I call my 3 co-teachers my Friends!  I’m so blessed!

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Hello!  My name is Jill Boyd and this begins my year 15 of teaching first grade at Canadian Elementary.  Previously, I taught fifth grade for 12 years in small town in the Texas Panhandle. Teaching is a hobby when it comes to creating an energetic atmosphere and making fun activities for my littles to investigate.  The joy in their eyes and energy in their bodies after understanding what they are learning is the greatest reward!  I also enjoy decorating, cooking, and planting and maintaining summer flowers.    

I married my best friend from college, Doug Boyd, with whom I’ve shared almost 30 years of my life with.  He teaches science at Canadian Middle School and is busy coaching Cross Country, Basketball, and Track in the girls atheletic program.  We enjoy traveling, supporting our girls in their activiites, and an occassional movie.  

We are a happy family of five with three beautiful, active, growing girls.  They keep us busy, busy, busy with their activities including basketball, cross country, track and of course, the social aspect of a teenager’s life.  Children were not in the beginning stages of our life together.   We waited 14 years before bringing our first blessing home.  She and her two sisters were and still are the best thing that ever happened to us!   So happy that Canadian ISD has provided not only the chance to teach in an incredible school district, but also has granted our children an excellent educational opportunity.    

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