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CES PreK Family Engagement Plan

Canadian Elementary Pre-K

Family Engagement Plan

Facilitate Family-to-family support

  • Creating a safe and respectful environment where families can learn from each other as individuals and in groups.
  • Establish a regular and meaningful communication between home and school. (School Newsletter, daily folder, and monthly calendar) 
  • Meet the teacher night is held at the beginning of the year. A fall and spring conference is held for all students and conferences are held as needed throughout the year. 
  • Campus Based Events – Pastries for Parent, Grandparents Day Luncheon, Family Art Fun Activities through the Canadian River Art

Establish a network of community resources

  • Establish and maintain partnerships with businesses, faith based organizations, and community agencies
  • Identify partners to provide translators and culturally relevant resources reflective of home language

Increase family participation in decision making using strategies

  • Pre-K parents are asked to fill out surveys to gather feedback. 
  • Parent’s receive weekly newsletters from the school. 
  • Home visits and parent/teacher conferences to review student progress and goals. 

Equip family with tools to enhance and extend learning

  • Providing complementary home learning activities for families to engage in at home with children through information presented in newsletter, online technology, social media, parent/family-teacher conferences, or other school related events
  • ESL/English take home reading bags

     Develop staff in skills in evidence based practices that support families in meeting their children’s learning benchmarks

  • The pre-K team meets weekly to discuss student progress and evaluate ways to enhance the way students are taught. 
  • Pre-K teachers attend professional meetings that increase their knowledge of how to support students and their families. 
  • Collaborate with Region 16 Instructional specialist.

Evaluate family engagement efforts and use evaluation for continuous improvement

  • Ensuring pre-kindergarten teachers and families play a role in the family engagement implementation and evaluation process. 
  • Providing a family sign-in document in order to record and keep track of the amount of family attendance and engagement at each event so that we can continue to develop and grow our parent engagement at our campus. 
  • Evaluate the number of book bags that came back each week.